2021 Publications:

PubMed IDYearPublicationTitleAuthors
326132292021RheumatologyThe iCanCope pain self-management application for adolescents with juvenile idiopathic arthritis: a pilot randomized controlled trialLalloo C, Harris LR, Hundert AS, Berard R, Cafazzo J, Connelly M, Feldman BM, Houghton K, Huber A, Laxer RM, Luca N, Schmeling H, Spiegel L, Tucker LB, Pham Q, Davies-Chalmers CC, Stinson JN.
327016512021PAIN. 162(1), 152-160.A longitudinal examination of the interpersonal fear avoidance model of pain: The role of intolerance of uncertainty.Neville, A., Kopala-Sibley, D., Soltani, S., Asmundson, G.J.G., Jordan, A., Carleton, R.N., Yeates, K.O., Schulte, F., Noel, M. 
327736022021PainDouble-blind, randomized, placebo-controlled crossover trial of alpha-lipoic acid for the treatment of fibromyalgia pain: the IMPALA trialGilron I, Robb S, Tu D, Holden R, Towheed T, Ziegler D, Wang L, Milev R, Gray C
330648622021European Journal of PainDrawing a line in the sand': Physician diagnostic uncertainty in paediatric chronic painNeville A, Noel M, Clinch J, Pincus T, Jordan A
330685002021Hum Brain MappSex-differences in network level brain dynamics associated with pain sensitivity and pain interferenceKim JA, Bosma RL, Hemington KS, Rogachov A, Osborne NR, Cheng JC, Dunkley BT, Davis KD.
331650212021Clinical Journal of PainExecutive Functioning in Youth with and Without Chronica Pain: A Comparative AnalysisTurner KM, Wilcox G, Nordstokke DW, Dick B, Schroeder M, Noel M
332206332021Musculoskelet Sci PractReliability, discriminative accuracy, and an exploration of response shift as measured using the satisfaction and Recovery Index over 12 months from musculoskeletal traumaModarresi S, Walton DM.
332291432021Am J Prev MedInterventions to Influence Opioid Prescribing Practices for Chronic Noncancer Pain: A Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisAsamoah-Boaheng M, Badejo OA, Bell LV, Buckley N, Busse JW, Campbell TS, Corace K, Cooper L, Flusk D, Garcia DA, Hossain MA, Iorio A, Lavoie KL, Poulin PA, Skidmore B, Rash JA.
332596992021European Journal of PainA linguistic analysis of future narratives in adolescents with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome and their pain-free peersNimbley E, Caes L, Jones A, Fisher E, Noel M, Jordan A
333262022021PainGABA and glutamate in pediatric migraineBell T, Stokoe M, Khaira A, Webb M, Noel M, Amoozegar F, Harris AD
335266212021Journal of RheumatologyDifferences in Health Care Transition Views, Practices, and Barriers Amongst North American Pediatric Rheumatology Clinicians from 2010 to 2018Johnson K, Edens C, Chira P, Hersh AO, Goh YI, Hui-Yuen J, Sadun RE, Singer NG, Spiegel LR, Stinson JN, White PH, Lawson E, for the CARRA Transition Workgroup
335310182021Int J Equity HealthTowards health equity for people experiencing chronic pain and social marginalizationWallace B, Varcoe C, Holmes C, Moosa-Mitha M, Moor G, Hudspith M, Craig KD.
335679682021J NeurophysiolMagnetoencephalography: physics, techniques, and applications in the basic and clinical neurosciencesKim JA, Davis KD.
335704872021Health Promot Chronic Dis Prev CanA cross-sectional study of pain status and psychological distress among individuals living with chronic pain: the Chronic Pain & COVID-19 Pan-Canadian StudyPagé MG, Lacasse A, Dassieu L, Hudspith M, Moor G, Sutton K, Thompson JM, Dorais M, Janelle Montcalm A, Sourial N, Choinière M.
335985942021Pain RepImpact of the COVID-19 pandemic on the pharmacological, physical, and psychological treatments of pain: findings from the Chronic Pain & COVID-19 Pan-Canadian StudyLacasse A, Pagé MG, Dassieu L, Sourial N, Janelle-Montcalm A, Dorais M, Nguena Nguefack HL, Godbout-Parent M, Hudspith M, Moor G, Sutton K, Thompson JM, Choinière M.
336564452021Journal of Medical Internet ResearchA Clinical Communication Tool (Loop) for Team-Based Care in Pediatric and Adult Care Settings: Hybrid Mixed Methods Implementation StudyHusain A, Cohen E, Dubrowski R, Jamieson T, Kurahashi A, Lokuge B, Rapoport A, Saunders S, Stasiulis E, Stinson J, Subramaniam S, Wegier P, Barwick M
336789332021Journal of Nonverbal BehaviorAn Eye Tracking Investigation of Pain Decoding Based on Older and Younger Adults' Facial ExpressionsR. Stopyn, T. Hadjistavropoulos, J. Loucks
336860782021Nat CommunSingle cell transcriptomics of primate sensory neurons identifies cell types associated with chronic painKupari J, Usoskin D, Parisien M, Lou D, Hu Y, Fatt M, Lönnerberg P, Spångberg M, Eriksson B, Barkas N, Kharchenko PV, Loré K, Khoury S, Diatchenko L, Ernfors P.
337556642021PLoS OneIdentification of clinically-useful cut scores of the Traumatic Injuries Distress Scale (TIDS) for predicting rate of recovery following musculoskeletal traumaWalton DM, Elliott JM, Lee J, Fakhereddin M, Seo W.
337987322021Journal of Pain. [ePub ahead of print]. doi: 10.1016/j.jpain.2021.03.143Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and internalizing mental health, pain, and quality of life in youth with chronic pain: A longitudinal examination.Nelson, S., Beveridge, J.K., Mychasiuk, R., Noel, M.
338123022021Neuroimage Clinical. ePub ahead of print]. doi.org/10.1016/j.nicl.2021.102627Subclinical post-traumatic stress symptomology and brain structure in youth with chronic headaches.Miller, J.V., Andre, Q., Timmers, I., Simons, L., Rasic, N., Lebel, C., & Noel, M.
339379062021Womens Health RepExploring the Domains of Gender as Measured by a New Gender, Pain and Expectations ScaleGhodrati M, Walton DM, MacDermid JC.
340617292021International Journal of Circumpolar Health Communities Take the Lead: Exploring Indigenous Health Research Practices through Two-Eyed Seeing & Kinship Sylliboy, J.R., Latimer, M., Marshall, A., MacLeod, E. 
342630962021COVID-19 Pandemic Impact and Response in Canadian Pediatric Chronic Pain Care: A National Survey of Medical Directors and Pain ProfessionalsCOVID-19 Pandemic Impact and Response in Canadian Pediatric Chronic Pain Care: A National Survey of Medical Directors and Pain ProfessionalsKillackey T, Noel M, Birnie KA, Choinière M, Pagé MG, Dassieu L, Lacasse A, Lalloo C, Brennenstuhl S, Poulin P, Ingelmo P, Ali S, Battaglia M, Campbell F, Smith A, Harris L, Mohabir V, Benayon M, Jordan I, Marianayagam J, Stinson J.
 2021Epigenomes. 5(9), 1-17.A pilot study investigating the role of gender in the intergenerational relationships between gene expression, chronic pain, and adverse childhood experiences in a clinical sample of youth with chronic pain.Christenson, J., Beveridge, J.K., Wang, M., Noel, M., Mychasiuk, R
 2021JMIR mHealth and uHealthDevelopment and Usability Test of ‘PROMIS Assessment’: A smartphone WeChat mini-program for children and adolescents with cancerZhang W, Stinson J, Li D, Huang Q, Huang Y, Wiles B, Wang Y, Wang Y, Huang H, Yuan C
32960824in pressJournal of Military, Veteran and Family HealthComparing military veterans' and civilians' pain experience, mental health and healthcare utilization prior to admission to an interprofessional chronic pain clinicEtienne J. Bisson, Monakshi Sawhney, Scott Duggan, Mary Anne Good, Rosemary Wilson

2020 Publications:

PubMed IDYearPublicationTitleAuthors
317381152020J UrolA Randomized, Double-Blind, Controlled Trial Shows that Onabotulinum Toxin A Nerve Blocks do Not Provide Improved Pain Control in Men with Chronic Scrotal PainDockray J, Aljumaily A, Lau S, Jarvi KA.
318341992020PainDetangling red hair from pain: phenotype-specific contributions from different genetic variants in melanocortin-1 receptorZorina-Lichtenwalter K, Maixner W, Diatchenko L.
318962732020Can J PsychiatryAn Examination of Comorbid Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Chronic Pain on Substance Misuse in a Canadian Population-Based SurveyBilevicius E, Sommer JL, Keough MT, El-Gabalawy R.
319177762020PAIN. 161(5), 1072-1082.A 'dyadic dance': Pain catastrophizing moderates the daily relationships between parent mood and protective responses and child chronic pain.Neville, A., Griep, Y., Palermo, T., Vervoort, T., Schulte, F., Yeates, K.O., Sumpton, J., Mychasiuk, R., Noel, M. 
319773752020 Clin J PainAdherence to Consolidated Standards of Reporting Trials (CONSORT) Guidelines for Reporting Safety Outcomes in Trials of Medical Cannabis and Cannabis-based Medicines for Chronic Noncancer Pain: A Systematic ReviewMohiuddin MM, Mizubuti GB, Haroutounian S, Smith SM, Rice ASC, Campbell F, Park R, Gilron I
319991792020Health PsycholPrescriber adherence to guidelines for chronic noncancer pain management with opioids: Systematic review and meta-analysisHossain MA, Asamoah-Boaheng M, Badejo OA, Bell LV, Buckley N, Busse JW, Campbell TS, Corace K, Cooper LK, Flusk D, Garcia DA, Iorio A, Lavoie KL, Poulin PA, Skidmore B, Rash JA.
320045172020Arch Phys Med Rehab.Chronic Pain Self-Management Support With Pain Science Education and Exercise (COMMENCE) for People With Chronic Pain and Multiple Comorbidities: A Randomized Controlled TrialMiller J, MacDermid JC, Walton DM, Richardson J.
320283822020Clin J PainAttitudes Towards and Management of Opioid-induced Hyperalgesia: A Survey of Chronic Pain PractitionersKum E, Buckley N, de Leon-Casasola O, Lema M, Busse JW.
320400732020PAIN. 161(4), 821-830.Sleep disturbance underlies the co-occurrence of trauma and pediatric chronic pain: A longitudinal examination.Pavlova, M., Kopala-Sibley, D., Nania, C., Mychasiuk, R., Christensen, J., McPeak, A., Tomfohr-Madsen, L., Katz, J., Palermo, T., Noel, M.
320407982020J Autism Dev DisordPain Modulation Mechanisms in ASD AdultsDubois A, Boudjarane M, Le Fur-Bonnabesse A, Dion A, L'heveder G, Quinio B, Walter M, Marchand S, Bodéré C.
321695242020Journal of Adolesent HealthThe Effects of Brief Social Exclusion on Pain Perception and Pain Memory in AdolescentsFales JL, Noel M
322055162020Clinical Journal of PainUtilization of Health Care Resources by Long-term Care Residents as a Function of Pain StatusH. Guliani, T. Hadjistavropoulos, S. Jin, L. Lix
322132142020Canadian Journal of Emergency MedicineCharacteristics of frequent users of the emergency department with chronic painShergill Y, Rice D, Smyth C, Tremblay S, Nelli J, Small R, Hebert G, Singer L, Rash J.A., Poulin P.A.
322383432020Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR)A Smartphone App (mDASHNa-CC) to Support Healthy Diet and Hypertension Control for Chinese Canadian Seniors: Protocol for Design, Usability and Feasibility Testing.Zou P, Stinson J, Parry M, Dennis CL, Yang Y, Lu Z
322497362020Healthc QEvaluating the Patient Family Advisor Experience in Patient-Oriented ResearchFlowers M, Gunderson J, Hall D.
322497372020Healthc QThe Creation of a Tool to Measure Engagement in Patient-Oriented ResearchKeller M, Plishka C, King M, Gunderson J, Stobart CA, Dunn K, Haver CRA.
322729882020Urol Clin North AmHigh Sperm DNA Damage: Does Testicular Sperm Make Sense?Jarvi, K
323482592020Journal of Medical Internet Research (JMIR)Electronic Data Capture Versus Conventional Data Collection Methods in Clinical Pain Studies: Systematic Review and Meta-AnalysisJibb LA, Khan JS, Seth P, Lalloo C, Mulrooney L, Nicholson K, Nowak DA, Kaur H, Chee-a-tow A, Foster J, Stinson JN
323690092020Can Urol Assoc JClinical pearls to managing men's health conditions during the COVID-19 pandemicWitherspoon L, Fitzpatrick R, Patel P, Flannigan R, Roberts MT, Krakowsky Y, Campbell JD, Grantmyre J, Brock GB, Goldenberg SL, Jarvi KA.
323991262020Pain Res Manag.Effects of Rhythmic Sensory Stimulation on Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: A Pilot StudyVuong V, Mosabbir A, Paneduro D, Picard L, Faghfoury H, Evans M, Gordon A, Bartel L.
324277462020PAIN. 161(10), 2263-2273.Attentional biases in pediatric chronic pain: An eye-tracking study assessing the nature of the bias and its relation to attentional control.Soltani, S., van Ryckeghem, D., Vervoort, T., Heathcote, L., Yeates, K., Sears, C., & Noel, M. 
324421432020Journal of Medical Internet ResearchEvaluation of digital technologies tailored to support young people’s self-management of musculoskeletal pain: Mixed-methods designSlater H, Stinson JN, Jordan JE, Chua J, Low B, Lalloo C, Pham Q, Cafazzo JA, Briggs AM
325345652020BMC Fam PracResponse to "understanding the behavioural determinants of opioid prescribing among family physicians: a qualitative study"Busse JW, Juurlink D, Buckley DN, Guyatt GH.
325572112020Journal of Cancer SurvivorshipBreast cancer survivors living with chronic neuropathic pain show improved brain health following mindfulness-based stress reduction: a preliminary diffusion tensor imaging studyMioduszewski O, Hatchard T, Fang Z, Poulin P, Khoo EL, Romanow H, Shergill Y, Tennant E, Schneider M.A., Browne N, Smith A.M. 
325592942020Blood AdvancesAmerican Society of Hematology 2020 guidelines for sickle cell disease: Management of acute and chronic painBrandow AM, Carroll P, Creary S, Edwards-Elliott R, Glassberg J, Hurley RW, Kutlar A, Seisa M, Stinson JN, Strouse JJ, Yusuf F, Zempsky W, Lang E
326180622020European Journal of PainParental (non)pain attending verbalizations moderate the relationship between child attention and memory bias for painWauters A, Noel M, Van Ryckeghem DML, Sanchez-Lopez A, Vervoort T
326371532020Research Involvement and EngagementGuidance on authorship with and acknowledgement of patient partners in patient-oriented researchDawn P. Richards, Kathryn A. Birnie, Kathleen Eubanks, Therese Lane, Delane Linkiewich, Lesley Singer, Jennifer N. Stinson & Kimberly N. Begley 
327237282020Journal of Medical Internet ResearchTeens Taking Charge: Randomized Controlled Trial of a Web-based Self-Management Program with Telephone Support for Adolescents with Juvenile Idiopathic ArthritisStinson JN, Lalloo C, Hundert AS, Campillo S, Cellucci T, Dancey P, Duffy C, Ellsworth J, Feldman BM, Huber AM, Johnson N, Jong G, Oen K, Rosenberg AM, Shiff NJ, Spiegel L, Tse SM, Tucker L, Victor JC
327619862020European Journal of PainFear of movement in children and adolescents undergoing major surgery: A psychomoteric evaluation of the Tampa Scale for KinesiophobiaRosenbloom B, Katz JD, Campbell F, Isaac L, Pagé G, Stinson JN, Cribbie RA
327980672020Br J AnaesthAddition of corticosteroids to local anaesthetics for chronic non-cancer pain injections: a systematic review and meta-analysis of randomised controlled trialsShanthanna H, Busse J, Wang L, Kaushal A, Harsha P, Suzumura EA, Bhardwaj V, Zhou E, Couban R, Paul J, Bhandari M, Thabane L.
328614262020Journal of Pediatric Health CareA Phenomenological Exploration of the Personal Implications of Female Adolescents Living With Chronic PainSzwimer R, Widjaja M, Ingelmo P, Hovey RB
328815872020Expert Review of Neurotherapeutics (IERN)mHealth for Pediatric Chronic Pain: State of the Art and Future DirectionsRichardson PA, Harrison LE, Heathcote LE, Rush G, Shear D, Lalloo C, Hood K, Wicksell RK, Stinson J, Simons LE
329065952020ChildrenParent-Child Reminiscing about Past Pain as a Preparatory Technique in the Context of Children's Pain: A Narrative Review and Call for Future ResearchPavlova M, Orr SL, Noel M.
329251892020Clinical Journal of PainLoss-adjusting: Young People's Construction of a Future Living with Complex Reional Pain SyndromeJones A, Caes L, Eccleston C, Noel M, Rugg T, Jordan A
330004462020Journal of Cancer SurvivorshipMindfulness-based stress reduction alters brain activity for breast cancer survivors with chronic neuropathic pain: preliminary evidence from resting-state fMRISmith A.M., Leeming A, Fang Z, Harchard T, Mioduszewski O, Schneider M.A., Ferdossifard A, Shergill Y, Khoo EL, Poulin P. 
330100192020Cell Mol Neurobiol.Alternative Splicing of Opioid Receptor Genes Shows a Conserved Pattern for 6TM Receptor VariantsPiltonen M, Krokhotin A, Parisien M, Bérubé P, Djambazian H, Sladek R, Dokholyan NV, Shabalina SA, Diatchenko L.
330204232020ChildrenSomething Else Going On? Diagnostic Uncertainty in Children with Chronic Pain and Their ParentsTanna V, Heathcote LC, Heirich MS, Rush G, Neville A, Noel M, Pate JW, Simons LE
330240072020Reg Anesth Pain MedAccessing care in multidisciplinary pain treatment facilities continues to be a challenge in CanadaChoinière M, Peng P, Gilron I, Buckley N, Williamson O, Janelle-Montcalm A, Baerg K, Boulanger A, Di Renna T, Finley GA, Intrater H, Lau B, Pereira J.
330266392020PatientPatient Engagement Partnerships in Clinical Trials: Development of Patient Partner and Investigator Decision AidsParry M, Bjørnnes AK, Toupin-April K, Najam A, Wells D, Sivakumar A, Richards DP, Ceroni T, Park M, Ellis AK, Gilron I, Marlin S.
330339372020PatientDevelopment and Acceptability of a Patient Decision Aid for Pain Management in Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis: The JIA Option MapToupin-April K, Huber AM, Duffy CM, Proulx L, Morgan EM, Cohen JS, Gaboury I, Li LC, Tugwell P, Stinson J; JIA Option Map Group
330668552020Complementary Therapies in MedicineQuestionnaires Assessing the Use of Complementary Health Approaches in Pediatrics and Their Measurement Properties: A Systematic ReviewAlqudimat MR, Toupin April K, Hundert A, Jibb L, Victor C, Nathan PC, Stinson JN
330912662020Arthritis Care & ResearchOutcome Measures for Pediatric Pain: Practical Guidance on Clinical Use in Juvenile ArthritisLalloo C, Mesaroli G, Makkar M, Stinson J
331311502020Pediatric TransplantationExploring the potential for online peer support mentorship: Perspectives of pediatric solid organ transplant patientsAnthony S, Young K, Ghent E, Gold A, Martin K, Solomon M, Teoh CW, Stinson JN
331347522020Pain RepNonopioid drug combinations for cancer pain: protocol for a systematic reviewSohi G, Caraceni A, Moulin DE, Zimmermann C, Herx L, Gilron I
331347552020Pain Reports. 5(6), 866.Adverse Childhood Experiences in parents of youth with chronic pain: Prevalence and comparison to a community-based sample.Beveridge, J.K., Dobson, K.S., Madigan, S., Yeates, K.O., Stone, A.L., Wilson, A.C., Salberg, S., Mychasiuk, R., Noel, M.
331393052020Hospital PediatricsPediatric Project ECHO®: Implementation of a virtual medical education program to support community management of children with medical complexityLalloo C, Diskin C, Ho M, Orkin J, Cohen E, Osei-Twum J, Hundert A, Jiwan A, Sivarajah S, Gumapac A, Stinson JN
331767842020Health Qual Life OutcomesReproducibility: reliability and agreement parameters of the Revised Short McGill Pain Questionnaire Version-2 for use in patients with musculoskeletal shoulder painJumbo SU, MacDermid JC, Packham TL, Athwal GS, Faber KJ.
331805552020Disabil RehabilClinimetric testing of the Persian version of the Patient-Rated Tennis Elbow Evaluation (PRTEE) and the Disabilities of the Arm, Shoulder, and Hand (DASH) questionnaires in patients with lateral elbow tendinopathyFarzad M, MacDermid JC, Shafiee E, Beygi AS, Vafaei A, Varahra A, Beikpour H.
332137882020J Hand TherPhysical activity, targeted therapeutic exercise, and purposeful activity: The need for clarity and patient centerednessMacDemid JC
332334372020ChildrenThe Intergenerational Transmission of Chronic Pain from Parents to Survivors of Childhood CancerPatton M, Stokoe M, Forbes C, Nwaroah C, Noel M, Reynolds K, Schulte F
332514712020Pain RepSystematic scoping review of interactions between analgesic drug therapy and mindfulness-based interventions for chronic pain in adults: current evidence and future directionsPark R, Mohiuddin M, Poulin PA, Salomons T, Edwards R, Nathan H, Haley C, Gilron I
332514722020Pain Reports. 5(6), 871.Diagnostic uncertainty in pediatric chronic pain: Nature, prevalence, and consequences.Neville, A., Jordan, A., Pincus, T., Nania, C., Schulte, F., Yeates, K.O., Noel, M. 
332751052020 JMIR Res ProtocPrevalence of Postoperative Pain Following Hospital Discharge: Protocol for a Systematic ReviewPark R, Mohiuddin M, Arellano R, Pogatzki-Zahn E, Klar G, Gilron I.
332901022020Disabil RehabilPsychometric properties of Patient-Specific Functional Scale in patients with upper extremity disorders. A systematic review.Nazari G, Bobos P, Lu Z, Reischl S, MacDermid JC.
332945922020Journal of Patient ExperienceLiving With a Trifecta of Pain and Cancer With Personal Reflections of COVID-19.Hovey, RB
334263672020Neurobiol PainThe gut-brain axis and beyond: Microbiome control of spinal cord injury pain in humans and rodents.Bannerman CA, Douchant K, Sheth PM, Ghasemlou N.
334829652020The Permanente JournalA Reconceptualization of the Negative Self-Stereotyping of the Patient-Partner to the Introduction of the Patient Perspective ConsultantHovey RB, Pavate V, Vigourous M, Amja K
335604432020Anesth AnalgEfficacy and Safety of Magnesium for the Management of Chronic Pain in Adults: A Systematic ReviewPark R, Ho AM, Pickering G, Arendt-Nielsen L, Mohiuddin M, Gilron I
339874902020Canadian Journal of PainHealth care providers’ experiences and perceptions participating in a chronic pain telementoring education program: A qualitative studyZhao J, Salemohamed N, Stinson J, Carlin L, Seto E, Webster F, Furlan A
339874932020Canadian Journal of PainMapping the evidence and gaps in treatments for pediatric chronic pain to inform policy, research, and practice: A systematic review and quality assessment of systematic reviewsBirnie KA, Ouellette C, Do Amaral T, Stinson J
339874952020Canadian Journal of PainRapid Mobilization of a Virtual Pediatric Chronic Pain Clinic in Canada During the COVID-19 PandemicD’Alessandro LN, Brown SC, Campbell F, Ruskin D, Mesaroli G, Makkar M, Stinson JN. 
339874962020Canadian Journal of PainImplementation of the Ottawa Hospital Pain Clinic stepped care program: A preliminary reportBell L, Cornish P, Gautheir R, Kargus C, Rash J, Robbins R, Ward S, Poulin P.A.
339874982020Can J PainOut of the shadows: Chronic pain in Canadian Armed Forces veterans - Proceedings of a workshop at the 2019 Forum of the Canadian Institute for Military and Veteran Health ResearchThompson JM, Heber A, Zacharias R, Besemann M, Gupta G, Hapidou E, Buckley N, Lamoureux D, Begley K.
339875172020Can J PainThe role of anxiety and related states in pediatric postsurgical painChow CHT, Schmidt LA, Buckley DN.
 2020Patient Experience JournalChronic pain, vulnerability, and human spirit while living under the umbrella of COVID-19Hovey, R., Linkiewich, D., Brachaniec, M. 
 2020JMIR PreprintsImproving Access and Outcomes for Young Adult Sleepers: Results from a Feasibility Trial of an Evidence-Based App for Sleep DisturbanceCarmona NE, Usyantynsky A, Kutana S, Corkum P, Henderson J, McShane K, Shapiro C, Sidani S, Stinson J, Carney CE
 2020Paediatric & Neonatal PainUsability, acceptability, and feasibility of the Implementation of Infant Pain Practice Chang (ImPaC) ResourceBueno M, Stevens B, Rao M, Riahi S, Lanese A, Li SA, the CIHR ImPaC Resource Team (Stinson JN). 
2020J Strength Cond ResEvaluating the Effects of a Novel Neuromuscular Neck Training Device on Multiplanar Static and Dynamic Neck Strength: A Pilot Study. Versteegh TH, Dickey JP, Emery CA, Fischer LK, MacDermid JC, Walton DM.
317307542020Arch Phys Med RehabilMeasurement Properties of the Hand Grip Strength Assessment: A Systematic Review With Meta-analysis. Bobos P, Nazari G, Lu Z, MacDermid JC.
319560202020J Hand TherDefining dexterity-Untangling the discourse in clinical practice. Yong J, MacDermid JC, Packham T.
300154992020Hand (N Y)Comparison of the Short-Term and Long-Term Effects of Surgery and Nonsurgical Intervention in Treating Carpal Tunnel Syndrome: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Shi Q, Bobos P, Lalone EA, Warren L, MacDermid JC.
320820382020J OrthopPsychometric properties of the global rating of change scales in patients with low back pain, upper and lower extremity disorders. A systematic review with meta-analysis. Bobos P, Ziebart C, Furtado R, Lu Z, MacDermid JC.
318588802020Somatosens Mot ResEvaluating a sensitive issue: reliability of a clinical evaluation for allodynia severity. Packham TL, Spicher CJ, MacDermid JC, Quintal I, Buckley N.
309085792020Pain MedAllodynography: Reliability of a New Procedure for Objective Clinical Examination of Static Mechanical Allodynia. Packham TL, Spicher CJ, MacDermid JC, Buckley ND.
319962262020Health Qual Life OutcomesCross-cultural adaptions and measurement properties of the WORC (Western Ontario rotator cuff index): a systematic review. Furtado R, MacDermid JC, Nazari G, Bryant DM, Faber KJ, Athwal GS.
322286222020Health Qual Life OutcomesInterpretation and content validity of the items of the numeric rating version short-WORC to evaluate outcomes in management of rotator cuff pathology: a cognitive interview approach. Furtado R, MacDermid JC, Bryant DM, Faber KJ, Athwal GS.
319596592020CMAJHumanizing Indigenous Peoples' engagement in health careSylliboy J, Hovey RB
322555832020J. Oral & Fac Pain and HeadacheOrofacial antinociceptive effect of nifedipine in rodents is mediated by TRPM3, TRPA1, NMDA and NO processesAmaro de Oliveira ,B., Alves Rodrigues Santos, S.A. Menezes Pereira, E.W., Barros Nogueira, A.,  Vieira Neto, A.E., Albuquerque de Melo Júnior, J.M.,  Barros Mamede Vidal Damasceno, M.,  Quintans Júnior, L.J., Sessle, B. J., Alves Magalhães,F.E., Rolim Campos, A.
317382282020PainA functional polymorphism in the ABCB1 transporter predicts pharmacologic response to combination of nortriptyline and morphine in neuropathic pain patientsBenavides R., Vsevolozhskaya O, Cattaneo S, Zaykin D, Brenton A, Parisien M, Verma V,   Khoury S, Gilron I, Diatchenko L. 
314210092020Euro. J PainPremorbid and concurrent predictors of TMD onset and persistenceOhrbach R, Slade GD, Bair E, Rathnayaka N, Diatchenko L, Greenspan JD, Maixner W, Fillingim RB
319177732020PainThe dichotomous role of epiregulin in painVerma V, Khoury S, Parisien M, Cho C, Maixner W, Martin LJ, Diatchenko L
 2020PAIN ReportsThe Quebec Low Back Pain Study: A protocol for an innovative 2-tier provincial cohortPagé G, Lacasse A, Beaudet N, Choinière M, Deslauriers S, Diatchenko L, Dupuis L, Grégoire S, Hovey R, Leclair E, Leonard G, Beraldo Meloto C, Montagna F, Parent A, Rainville P, Roy J-S, Roy M, Ware MA, Wideman TH, Stone LS, the Quebec Back Pain Consortium
321431362020Neuroimage Clin.Cross-network coupling of neural oscillations in the dynamic pain connectome reflects chronic neuropathic pain in multiple sclerosisKim JA, Bosma RL, Hemington KS, Rogachov A, Osborne NR, Cheng JC, Oh J, Dunkley BT, Davis KD
327018442020PainIndividual variability and sex differences in conditioned pain modulation and the impact of resilience, and conditioning stimulus pain unpleasantness and salienceFirouzian S, Osborne NR, Cheng JC, Kim JA, Bosma RL, Hemington KS, Rogachov A, Davis KD
322039042020Neuroimage Clin.Abnormal alpha band power in the dynamic pain connectome is a marker of chronic pain with a neuropathic componentKisler LB, Kim JA, Hemington KS, Rogachov A, Cheng JC, Bosma RL, Osborne NR, Dunkley BT, Inman RD, Davis KD
320978652020Neuroimage Clin.Interaction of APOE4 alleles and PET tau imaging in former contact sport athletes. Vasilevskaya A, Taghdiri F, Burke C, Tarazi A, Naeimi SA, Khodadadi M, Goswami R, Sato C, Grinberg M, Moreno D, Wennberg R, Mikulis D, Green R, Colella B, Davis KD, Rusjan P, Houle S, Tator C, Rogaeva E, Tartaglia MC
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322115572020Contemporary Clinical Trials CommunicationsA ResearchKit app to deliver paediatric electronic consent: Protocol of an observational study in adolescents with arthritisLalloo C, Pham Q, Cafazzo J, Stephenson E, Stinson J
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2019 Publications:

PubMed IDYearPublicationTitleAuthors
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2018 Publications:

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