Clinical Research Network

The Clinical Research Network (CRN) consists of 16 university-affiliated pain centres across Canada. These sites support and generate both pediatric and adult research. Each site has a Research Coordinator.
The Clinical Research Network is co-chaired by Dr. Ian Gilron and includes two Chronic Pain Network patient partners, Chris DeBow, CRN patient partner co-chair and Marc White.


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Adult Sites

Centre hospitalier de l'Université de Montreal
Local PI: Gabrielle Pagé
Coordinator: Amel Bagdhadli
Hamilton Health Sciences

Local PI: Ramesh Zacharias
Coordinator: Jennifer Anthonypillai

Kingston Health Sciences Centre

Local PI: Scott Duggan
Coordinator: Etienne Bisson

Mount Sinai Hospital

Local PI: Keith Jarvi
Coordinator: Susan Lau

Ottawa Health Research Institute

Local PI: Patricia Poulin
Coordinator: Melissa Melc

Research Institute of McGill University Health Centre

Local PI: Yoram Shir
Coordinator: Sylvie Toupin

Toronto Academic Pain Medicine Institute 

Local PI: Tanya Di Renna
Coordinator: Nida Mustafa

University of British Columbia

Local PI: Aaron McInnes
Coordinator: Jessie Dhillon

Université Laval

Local PI: Anne Marie Pinard
Coordinator: Orlane Ballot

University of Manitoba

Local PI: Renee El-Gabalawy
Coordinator: Rachel Roy & Gabrielle Logan

Université Sherbrooke

Local PI: Yannick Tousignant-Laflamme
Coordinator: Marylie Martel 

Pediatric Sites

Alberta Children's Health Research Institute

Local PIs: Melanie Noel, Nivez Rasic & Tiffany Rice
Coordinator: Kendra Mueri

University of Saskatchewan

Local PI: Krista Baerg
Coordinator: TBD

Sick Kids Hospital

Local PI: Jennifer Stinson
Coordinator: Lauren Harris

Adult & Pediatric Sites

Dalhousie University

Local PIs: Allen Finley & Mary Lynch
Coordinators: Jillian Banfield & Stephanie Blackman

University of Alberta

Local PIs: Bruce Dick
Caylin Chadwick

Last updated: 10/11/2021