Patient EngagEment in Research

The Patient EngagEment in Research (PEER) webinar series was a joint initiative from the Chronic Pain Network's Patient Engagement, Training & Mentoring and Knowledge Translation committees.

The webinars, geared towards trainees, addressed a multitude of subjects, including What is Patient Engagement and Patient Oriented Research - A Patient Perspective; Plain Language Summaries and Knowledge Translation; and An Introduction to Working with Indigenous Communities - just to name a few. The series launched in July 2020, with new webinars taking place each month. Webinars were recorded and can be viewed on the Chronic Pain Network's YouTube channel or below.

An Introduction to Patient Engagement in Research











The first webinar in the Chronic Pain Network's Patient EngagEment in Research series. Chronic Pain Network Patient Perspective Partners Janet Gunderson and Therese Lane
provide an overview of patient engagement in research.

De-Mystifying Patient Engagement in Research: A Collaborative Journey











The second webinar in the Chronic Pain Network's Patient EngagEment in Research
series. Hosted by Delane Linkiewich and Jennifer Daly-Cyr, with guests
Dr. Melanie Noel and Janice Sumpton.

Bringing Patient Engagement in Health Research and Knowledge Translation Together

The third webinar in the Patient EngagEment in Research (PEER) webinar series, presented by
Patient Perspective Partners Mary Brachaniec and Lesley Singer.


Patient Engagement in Basic Science Projects: A Case Study

The fourth webinar in the PEER series, hosted by Richard Hovey and Therese Lane,
features guests Nader Ghasemlou and Lesley Singer. 

Navigating Knowledge about Protocols and Conducting Indigenous Health Research

This webinar, hosted by Margot Latimer and John Sylliboy of the Aboriginal Children's Hurt
and Healing (ACHH) Initiative, delves into important considerations and relationship building
when working with Indigenous communities. Additional Resources:

Lived Experience of Chronic Pain in the Work of the Canadian Pain Task Force

Jacques Laliberté, Linda Wilhelm and other members of the Canadian Pain Task Force
discuss how people with lived experience are helping to shape government policy through
their valuable contributions.

Innovative Ways of Mobilizing Knowledge with and for Patients

Featuring Drs. Thomas Hadjistavropoulous and Karine Toupin-April, Louise Castillo,
Mary Brachaniec and Laurie Proulx.

Engagement is Key! SKIP: A Patients-Included Approach to Knowledge Mobilization

The team from Solutions for Kids in Pain (SKIP) discuss how patients and the patients-included
approach can enhance knowledge mobilization, as well as research as a whole.
Learn more about skip at:

Annual Report: